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New FC5 Helmet in e-shop!

The new FC 5 helmet is the result of development with regards to the very specific needs of paramotor flying. We have used our knowledge from previous development and therefore the helmet perfectly meets the needs of demanding pilots.
The shell is made from a carbon-kevlar sandwich with the down force of the headphones precisely adjusted. The material used is very light and solid. The resistance to puncturing was tested in a certified laboratory. The helmet is now one of the lightest on the market. The complete weight, including bluetooth and the connection cable, is around 950g.
The inner lining is made from materials originally developed for hockey goalie masks. This material perfectly absorbs shocks and protects and also is breathable and does not irritate the skin. It is very comfortable, even for long flights. The internal lining parts can simply be pulled out and cleaned. You can also resize the helmet by exchanging the 3 inserts (Frontal, Vertex, Rear) in various combinations, to perfectly fit different head sizes, equating to standard S, M and L helmet sizes.
The headphones are shaped for the best noise absorbtion. Their inner pads absorb the noise outside and best resonate with the sounds of the inner headphones. These are chosen to have a clear and pleasant sound for both music and speech. In combination with bluetooth BT100, listening to music while flying is a joy and conversation is clear and easy.
On the right earpiece we have placed an easily accessible PTT button so the pilot can transmit when flying. Under it there is a volume control. The microphone is precisely tuned to the noise of a pusher propeller configuration. Even at full power the spoken word is very clear.
A Lemo connector can connect the helmet to any radio. If you decide not to use radio, simply insert the cable connector behind the right earpiece and it does not hinder free movement of the head. An easily adjustable shield protects the pilot's eyes from the sun. It is set up so as not to limit your view of the canopy rising overhead at take-off, while still providing good protection from the rising or setting sun.
The helmet can be combined with several types of short or long windshields, either linked firmly with the sun shield or removable. These removable ones are on a rubber band. Both types of shields are available in clear and tinted versions. Special offer includes winter shield with a neoprene neck cover and adjustable ventilation to prevent fogging.
For use in cold weather there is neoprene insulation around the headphones. Together with the right size of internal inserts, the helmet will fit snugly with no draughts. In hot weather, the neoprene covering can be removed and the helmet is then well ventilated. Pilots who fly in warm climates will really appreciate this.
You can order here: Helmet FC5 S Helmet FC5 M Helmet FC5 L
Nice product videos you can find: HERE and instructions how to use it HERE
New FC5 Helmet in e-shop!


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